Car Decoration by Kolkata Wedding

There is nothing like making a superstar wedding exit in an amazingly decorated car! Won’t you want to make your ride awesome to mark the perfect ending to the celebrations? Won’t you want to travel in style when you both are off to your new abode and taking first steps towards an exciting and new journey?

Wedding exit is always accompanied with fireworks, sparklers and confetti throws and folks; it is time to add some royal charm and magnificence to the getaway vehicle too!  While there is no denying that leaving wedding venue comes with its share of bittersweet memories, especially for the bride but let us find solace in the fact that it is also the time when a new life awaits you!

If you want your wedding exit to be as classy, picture-perfect and romantic as your wedding, trust Kolkata Wedding for a picturesque wedding car decoration! Balloons, confetti, flowers and ribbons, the team here can think of various creative, beautiful and fun ideas to make the car decoration perfect!

The car decoration is done by expert design team who has a thorough understanding of automobiles too. So, it stays away from stuff and chemicals that can damage the paint of your car or mess up with the body.

From simple yet elegant flower-adorned just-married getaway car to the motorcycle-side car and from a stylish Bentley to a rented limousine, the team has hands-on experience to decorate your wedding vehicle.

Maintain the tone of your high-end wedding celebrations and wedding décor by hiring professional car decoration services by Kolkata Wedding.

For more information on how the team could make your getaway wedding car awesome than ever, send an email to [email protected] or call us right away!