Wedding Garlands in Kolkata

Indian weddings are incomplete without traditional rituals. Even if we are pacing ahead and embracing modern sensibilities, the cultural and traditional values are deeply rooted in us. The props we use for weddings aren’t mere props, these are the symbolic value of what weddings mean to us. A life-long commitment to stand by each other! A promise to see the bright aspects of life and brave the odds together!

For mehendi ceremony, it is mehendi. For sangeet, it is the band baja or dholak, and for wedding it is exchanging of the varmalas. The references of exchanging jaimalas are found in the ancient scriptures of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Irrespective of which part of India you belong to, this tradition exists in different forms varying in the length, size, shape and flowers used for garland. Without this ritual, a wedding can’t be solemnized.

Flower Garlands in Kolkata

Kolkata Weddings brings you wedding garlands for Indian weddings! Be it the wedding of east, west, north or south, you can get the perfect wedding garlands here at reasonable prices!  After all, it is your one-stop destination for all-things weddings.

  • Flower Garlands: The garland is made of fresh flowers and hence, it becomes important that it arrives just before the ceremony is about to start. Kolkata Wedding specializes in single-layered and multi-layered customized and traditional flower garlands made of red roses, white roses, mogra, lavender and rose creepers. The traditional South Indian white and orange garland made of orange roses and mogra also features in this section.
  • Kantha Mala: It is more of a decorative accessory that complements the fresh flower wedding garland. A groom who doesn’t get to dazzle much in front of the bride in terms of gold ornaments, this kantha mala can really perk up the look of the groom.
  • Artificial Flower Garland: Usually, made of premium silk flowers, these are low-on-maintenance and can be used but  of course, while they score ten-on-ten on looks, these lack the fragrance and feel of fresh flower wedding garland.
  • Zari Mala: Made of zari, gota and golden ribbons, these zari malas go hand-in-hand with the bright outfits of bride and groom. Perfect for day marriages and nikahs!
  • Currency Garlands: Replacing the flowers and zari is the currency and tinsels! The garlands are much in trend in shagun and rokka ceremonies of North Indian weddings.
  • Milni Haar: A prominent feature of Panjabi weddings, milni haars mark the bonding of two families that are coming together for wedding. These lightweight fresh flower garlands are the perfect way to celebrate new relationships and journeys!

Kolkata Wedding Garlands Industry

Garlands in Indian weddings in Kolkata are like thousands of tiny threads that keep two families together. They are the symbol to make a celebration even more pious and beautiful.